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About Us
St. Rocco Catholic Church is the first national parish designated by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for Hispanics. The St. Rocco National Hispanic parish specifically serves the Hispanic community, as opposed to a territorial parish, which serves a geographic area of an archdiocese or a diocese. After so many years of hardship and efforts, the dreams of having our own pastoral center and parish are a reality.
Mission Statement
The purpose of St. Rocco Parish is to evangelize and strengthen the faith of the Hispanic Community in a stable manner which enables them to identify with the local church in a language and culture which they are able to understand and find welcoming. The Hispanic National Parish and its respective bilingual staff are able to reach out to the families of the Hispanic Community, serving their social needs; educating the youth in faith; involving adults in the life of the Church; and providing a welcoming and approachable faith community knowledgeable in their language and culture.
Please Help Our Catholic Hispanic Community With Your Tax Deductible Donations!
Your generosity plays a big part in bringing together thousands of faithful followers and families into this new unified parish. All Gifts and Donations are Tax Deductible.