Mission Statement
The purpose of St. Rocco Parish is to evangelize and strengthen the faith of the Hispanic Community in a stable manner which enables them to identify with the local church in a language and culture which they are able to understand and find welcoming. The Hispanic National Parish and its respective bilingual staff are able to reach out to the families of the Hispanic Community, serving their social needs; educating the youth in faith; involving adults in the life of the Church; and providing a welcoming and approachable faith community knowledgeable in their language and culture.

“When I was appointed Chief of Police I asked God to show me my mission. His answer, ‘Look around. There are those in your community who will show you what your mission is.’ I saw you and others like you and how you care about people. I decided that our mission was like yours, to care for our community. I appreciate you for setting the example that we live by. Thank you for all of your efforts and I pray that God continues to bless you as you faithfully serve him.”
- Chief Albert J. McCarthy

"I was here in my cell thinking and you came to my mind. I began to remember how patient you were with me and also ‘las monjitas’ from Argentina. Always telling me to come to the Feet of Jesus and know that I have. I am very grateful to God for sending all of you to help me."
- Fluencio

"I just wanted to send you this card as a way of showing you my appreciation for having helped me achieve my dream of coming to Italy and for helping me achieve my dream of going to college"
- Ruben

"On behalf of the faculty and students of Kennett High School, I would like to thank you for responding so quickly and generously in our time of crisis. Your calming presence was amazing to see. It obviously meant a great deal to many of our students who were in such emotional turmoil from the loss of their classmate… Your presence added the stability of things they know, their language and their culture. You gave them a format in which to come together, to grieve and to accept the loss. As you led them in prayer, their faith was powerful to see."
- A.M. Student Assistance Coordinator
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